Why you Should Buy a Luxury Property in Pune?


hardik, August 16, 2019

Why you Should Buy a Luxury Property in Pune?

India is a vast land; each major city has its own distinct history and culture. Moreover, there is a uniqueness in the way these cities bind the nation together. Whether it is in the way they speak or the trends they follow or the things they believe in; cities tend to rub a piece of their souls on to their inhabitants. Perhaps this is why people tend to think long and hard before investing in a property. However, if there is one place that enjoys acceptance from a majority of the population, it is Pune. The city offers a quality of life while impressive properties like VTP Blue Waters and 5 start Royal Grande provide a luxurious lifestyle.

Pune topped the list of 111 cities in terms of livability as per The Ease of Living Index. It offers excellent real estate options whether you are looking for flats in Pune or ready possession flats in Pune.

Here is what makes Pune the best city to buy luxury properties.


Pune is located in the middle of the Sahyadri hills. The city has attractive locations like Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran and more that are a couple of hours away. Even the beautiful Konkan belt is easily accessible if you want to enjoy a weekend getaway. Secondly, it is a mere 3 hours away from the commercial capital of Mumbai. Several corporate giants have their offices in Pune which further makes it a commercially viable option.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Pune is the education hub of the country and home to several renowned institutes. Students from across the globe throng the city in large numbers every year. Moreover, Pune has a throbbing auto and electrical goods industry that attracts expatriates too. Due to this, the city has a cosmopolitan feel to it. There are several beautiful properties like VTP Blue Waters and Royal Grande, international schools and cafes that are a testimony to this. The real estate prices are largely affordable. However, the prices may rise as you look for resale flats in the heart of Pune. However, you can avail home loan from trustworthy lenders like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited to buy such properties. You can get loans up to Rs. 3.5 crores to buy the house of your dreams.

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Climate and Greenery

Pune enjoys pleasant weather all-round the year. The fresh city air is a soothing change from the hazardous pollution levels of other cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Also, the city is engulfed in a green cover and trees flanking on either side of the streets. It becomes even more beautiful during monsoons and spring. A few areas are particularly green where excellent options for resale properties in Pune are available. You can even look for ready possession flats in Pune and find luxurious properties like VTP Blue Waters and Royal Grande.


Pune has a robust public infrastructure in terms of roads, railways and water supply. The city has several public parks for kids to enjoy. In addition, the upcoming Metro in the city will further ease the daily commute in this vast city. Apart from that, there are malls and multiplexes to get your weekly dose of entertainment.

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Every city has a distinct charm, but Pune is mainly known to provide excellent quality of life to its inhabitants. The city offers some luxurious real estate options like VTP Blue Waters and Royal Grande where you can build a home of your dreams. Whether it is about providing a good life to your kids or enjoying a peaceful post-retirement life, Pune has a lot to offer.